How to find a domain name

Domain name is more than just your website name, but also is it’s “face”. Smart, recognizable and obvious http address establishes company presence on the Internet and forms positive customers’ impression.

Choosing a domain name is hard and creative process. Eventually, it’s even more complicated problem than choosing a company name as it is limited by http spelling rules. Therefore, if you don’t know, how to find a domain name, gather specialists from different fields (programmers, marketers, sales stuff) together for a brainstorm.

Domain name – is your company identity on the web; it should be remarkable, easy to find and promote. Carefully considering following issues will help you to invent perfect domain name.

1. Remarkable company name or primary business segment is a good basis for domain name. Company name, consisting of several words, should be written as one or split up with hyphens and numbers. Register several domain names with almost similar writing, with hyphens and without them if possible. This will protect your business name from competitors.

2. The shorter the domain name the better. Short name is easy to recall and easy to type in the browser address bar. Plus, check its pronunciation. Compare these two names: ‘’ and ‘worldwide-connections4u’. Which of them you can renew at the very same moment?

3. If you are targeting a specific country, it makes sense to use country code top-level domains, like .br for Brazil, .de for Germany, and so on. In case of non-diversified online business, it’s still recommended to use “neutral” zones, such as .com and .net. To emphasize your website role you now may apply generic top-level domains as follows: .blog, .business, .city, .club, .expert etc.

4. When you struggle with even company name and unaware of how to find a domain name, try to define general idea of your business first. Thus, from domain names like or, you can guess what these websites are about and who their key customers are.

5. Use keywords. For the search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, it’s recommended to use keywords in the domain name. This will positively influence your future promotion campaigns.

6. When choosing domain name, make sure your competitors’ websites don’t sound similar.
Whois services can help you there: check, if selected domain is free or not, and who owns it (if domain is not available) and obtain another important information here. If desired name is already in use, try alternative name or contact domain broker.

We’ll list only some of the most popular domain registrars that we advise here. They are,,, Namecheap.

Generally, hosting companies also provide domain registration service.

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